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Wish Someone Would Care ~ Irma Thomas 

The yearning, torch balladry, along with the supreme voice makes this one fine Soul tune by the still reigning Queen of New Orleans R’n’B!  Though a tad on the blueish side, it’s still so Soulful and worthy of the Saturday Got Soul selection from the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner.  This is on a wonderful box set entitled, Beg, Scream & Shout!: The Big Ol’ Box Of 60’s Soul, which was just a super Xmas prez from my sister, Jenn!  

 I had the chance to hear Miss Irma sing so many times when I resided in N’Awlins.  So much so that I would drop her a note after each time I saw her perform and how much her music touched me.  Time moved and so did I, wound up in Ol’Blighty, and one night while watching a news special programme on the survivors of Katrina I saw a very sad sight of Miss Irma showing not just what had been done to her home.  But to much of her neighbourhood.  I sent a small note with a charity to assist displaced musicians and their families.  Bless, she actually wrote back and remembered this big old Canadian gentleman as she called me.  She’s going to be at the Barbican here in London on the 25th of July and I’m going with a backstage invite too.  Bless and treasure the music for it’s with you all your life.  Cheers 

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"Perdeste um grande amor por não saber olhar além. São coisas dessa raça de onde eu vim, América Latina, Latino Americano"

I mostly just feel like killing fuckers too. But they’re dumb. They’ll use their money and not learn anything. That it’s taking you longer is good bc you’ll know more and be better prepared I think

yes, thank you! you’re right. we have to use this to grow stronger from it i guess. and to learn to get away from draining ppl who only take and take from us!

Song ode to Latin America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=u9D7K1gZNCw

Then sampled in Madvillain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weWTuvdL-LQ

1,77! O máximo pra mim foi um cara de 1,80, que ainda ficava encucado com a minha altura, todos os outros eram menores que eu. Uma amiga minha namorava um cara de 1,86 e acho que isso é o mais alto que eu já conheci, haha

hahha mais alto q vc e ainda encucado? dureza né? eu tenho 1,80, realmente i feel your pain! e genética alta no brasil é raaaaaara, qd aparece todas dá glória HAHAHAH

essenangstessen replied to your post “essenangstessen answered your question:Have you ever been in a…”

CUT THEM OUT! Seriously, it’s because you’re such an open and good spirit and sadly a lot of ppl in this world wanna take that and have it for themselves, without reciprocating or putting in their own work! so important to let them go!

oh youre the sweetest annina, thank you! i always share and this let me down a lot lately. i also have a real hard time cutting ppl but it comes to a point it’s the only option, you’re completely right! <3

walelua replied to your post “Brazilian men so tall they’re closer to jesus are my fav tbh”

closer to Jesus…. lol. yes! heck yeah I love tall guys…

in the US i think they’re taller!! enjoy! the average brazilian is like 1,60?

YES. ERADICATE THEM FROM YOUR LIFE AT ALL COSTS! You do not need that energy draining you of your goal/dreams and aura.

yes, thank you annina! it’s so draining, and i guess since i always had my goals and opinions all set i always attracted this type. it just feels so unfair how easy they get without even having those goals as theirs. but whatever, im cutting tons of damaging ppl and it’s just necessary

Have you ever been in a situation with ppl who suck up your personality entirely? then they dont wanna be friends anymore, but they wanna be you? theyre not part of your life anymore, but they have money and you suddenly see your plans/dreams happening to spoiled kids without personality. i wanted to not care, but this is draining. how would you deal with it?

salt and pepper hair! love it!

this white spot showed up out of nowhere and i was like ‘let’s face it father, you’re 72’ and i had to pick on him for hours lol

Brazilian men so tall they’re closer to jesus are my fav tbh

omg when foreigners try to school you on your own people :( i know that feeling girl. the worst is when foreign perceptions of your people infiltrate your society and the people believe it, we have a large diaspora population that is afflicted w this

it is so damaging! we had that with dictatorship and the US role and how we became their backyard ever since. it is not even addressed the damage made or what a bad turn it took

str0ma3 replied to your post:II
yes!! also how when other people decide to analyze us like we’re animals in a zoo & project their own perceptions onto us, and how these perceptions then play into international myth/decision making processes that we can’t control. it sucks so much

YES THANK YOU FOR THIS! It rubs me in this wrong wrong wrong way. Since I learned English Ive been more in touch with this, being able to get in contact and also seeing the foreign perspective. My personal fav is when ppl try to correct me in a discussion because they studied that matter more deeply. i am ignorant cause i never learned my own history, that’s true, we have europe and us’ history and everything thrown down our throats and all i know is in a practical way because of how i lived my whole life and my parents and my grandparents did…