NOTHINGNESS, never wake me up when I'm smiling


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Fake asses who want nothing to do with you but who stick around to check what youre doing with your life and to absorb / suck anything good out of you are my absolutely favorite :)

essenangstessen hahaha i should have not looked for it!!! next year if i have moved there you get free housing and we can go ok!! *consolation*

essenangstessen annina, same wavelength forever! jean is doing it for my anger tonight! (and speaking of wavelength were you just as heartbroken for afropunk fest lineup? so many of our favs!!!!!!!!!!!)

stupid, ILL CUT YOU

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this is some serious truth. and these same people can’t fathom you getting sick of them for this very reason. like, you mention cutting them off and they’re like NEVER B/C WE GO WAY BACK and i’m like please bitch i’m exercising my rights.
Absolutely, Jean! I always found so hard to cut people because I avoided hurting others until the end, even if that was fucking me up. but listen, i’m always honest… if i don’t feel you, you’ll know.
This was suuuch a hard lesson for me to learn, especially with the people I grew up with. It took me so long to know how problematic they really were and I had to wake up and realize that they’re not really here for me smh
Yes. realizing that about childhood friends is even harder. I was so lucky for the people I met in my teenage years and a few from early adulthood. the rest are just not to trust. and I’m very naive towards people, we keep learning don’t we? not to open ourselves so fast is the lesson that stays with me.

About these real life friendships of adulthood: Almost none can be saved. People are FAKE. And they keep talking to you even though they don’t like you and talking shit behind your back simultaneously or not respecting you meanwhile. If you don’t like someone, cut the bullshit. I can see through it, pass the bullshit I see who they are and it smells bad. Smells bad and looks bad. I have no time for kids. Or for opening myself and my life to people who never deserved it in the first place.

I adore Ornette Coleman.