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Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights

i saw her perform this live at the Four Seasons in ATX a few years ago (dancinginyourhead acho que vc iria gostar se já não conhece)

Lu querida, conheço sim :) A vi ao vivo em 2011 se não me engano, show mto bom (boas lembranças tb)

brigada pela rec querida <3


said: QUE LINDO <3 parabéns!

ahhh brigada <3


said: beautiful textures! beautiful work! beautiful artist!

ohhhh you’re the kindest!!! :) :) :) thank you so much !


thanks annina! i’m gonna email u the whole series :) :) :)

Really happy to share that my Afrofuturistic inspired series for my portfolio will be today (17th) and the 18th featured at Semaine Africaine at Sciences Po Paris, organized by ASPA (Sciences Po Students Association for Africa)

I love to see black girls running shit.


it’s so inspiring!

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Can we make Preta Power a thing forreal tho? Or is it already a thing and I’m late?



YES! It is gonna start being a thingggg, I dunno how yet but IT WILL!

I don’t think starting over was ever an option to me

I listened to this more times than it’s alright to do it so.

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