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For Latin American & Caribbean mutual support and initiatives to help one another

A friend posted this on facebook and I haven’t listened to this for so long. When I came back from France a few days before my birthday all I could listen was this. During my birthday I probably listened to this for 10 hours non stop. Feels so long ago.

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I felt a funeral in my brain, and mourners to and fro kept treading, treading till I felt that sense was breaking through. And when they all were seated, a service, like a drum, kept beating, beating, till I felt my mind was going numb. And then I heard them lift a box and creak across my soul with those same boots of lead again, then space began to toll, as if the heavens were a bell and being were an ear, and I, and silence, some strange race wrecked, solitary, here. Just then, a plank in reason broke, and I fell down and down and hit a world at every plunge, and finished knowing then.

2013-2014: je connais que des connards


Never again I’ll play that game with you…


I thought I was done with you

I thought I was strong, I guess I was wrong

Once said I should’ve kept things all to myself

Now I say it loud as the words rain down


I can’t find my way

no way out

eu vou é me foder muito, só pra largar mão de ser otária.


All my life you could tell the world cup was coming, everyone was always so excited about it. Everyone bought new TV’s, decorated the streets with their neighbors. It’s less than 2 months until it starts and the stadiums aren’t finished, there are strikes everywhere, people can only think of the elections or the economy.

you know what, we love soccer and i HATE the fact they ruined this for us. (says the girl who would be with the boys from my street asking for money door to door and buying cans of paint with all the collected coins and then help paint our street in 98 and 02 <3)

like evictions of poor black people (compared to how Nazi used to do, way to go fuckers) and indigenous museum and the whole series of disasters one after the other. UGH. soccer is fun, fuck all of this mess they create every fucking time there’s a world cup. Congrats to our government for not knowing any better and all the agenda from private sector. people are mad, and it’s not gonna be the army nor the help from the U.S to ‘protect and guarantee security’ that gonna stop hell from breaking loose in june.

littlesmuck said: I feel ya. But you’re sssooooo good! There has to be something!!!

<33333 AHHH B! brigada!!! Eu espero que haja uma saída, mas to perdendo as esperanças mesmo. algumas bolsas para mulheres que eu encontrei só abrem agora pro ano que vem, e outras tinham bolsas e não tem mais. tá DIFICIL. se souber de algo me avisa :) :)

applying for scholarships mood: hopeless.

(since i’m not into missions, christianism am from a country that certainly is not giving any money away - except if it’s from engineering - that’s the only thing Brazil needs, of course.)

motherfucker should stop playing with me SOON because this is unhealthy. he’s insane. fuck that.


Little history of Samba.

In Portuguese. *I’m understanding a whole lot more, thank God*

I think dancinginyourhead​ would appreciate this.



i love it when ppl play hard to get. ignoring your calls. your texts. your letters. sending the police to your house. changing their name. lets me know they enjoy the chase too.


Honestly, Ana is one of the kindest, most beautiful, most talented souls I have ever come into contact with. And I’m so blessed to have met her through tumblr. And everyone go and look at her artwork because it’s great. No hyperbole, I’m sitting here having to write an essay on a painting and I’m just there starting at her portraits. in awe. 

OH ANNINA!!!!!!!!

Just saw this. I’m still finding words to answer to your e-mail, because it was the highlight of my week, I’m in awe with it! I’m so flattered by it I can’t even say how much it means to me.

I feel the exact same way about you and I truly feel blessed to have met you and from being able to learn so much from your clever mind and kind soul, it really is luck. Bless Ornette for crossing our ways . Can’t wait for days reciting Amiri in sunny Bahia :) This post got me so emotional, thank you for the sweet words <33333333333