NOTHINGNESS, never wake me up when I'm smiling


He liked my mind but that wasn’t enough.

She has no one

To stop her tears.

A man who heals and calms down her fears

She needs to wake up in her man’s arms

And to be loved just like a child


send good thoughts on my way,  please and thank you. things are beyond hard right now and i really need it.

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If True Love Will Find You In The End starts playing on shuffle, its yime to sob

Why do i feel like crying listening to Do You by Miguel? Im not even drunk


when sweet boys take you to the docks and snap pics of you and make you laugh 😊😊😊


One of my favorite people had this wish that when she died she wanted this record on her coffin, along with a glass of whiskey. When I arrived at the funeral in July and I didn’t see any of it, I tried not to be disrespectful with her sons but all I wanted to do was to go after the record and the whiskey and do as she wished. It was so her

I love/hate this song. It will always remind me of that day of goodbye.




FASHION: Brazil—{ On Fridays } We Wear White -


yes! i need to get out of this all black phase because all white on fridays <3

Let’s turn up in the Northeast with colorful headwraps and flowy white dresses. Y’all ready?
dancinginyourhead siluetasdefuego

oh, that makes me smile. since the day i was born!

tattletaylors replied to your post:deu um nó

haha na cabeça, na vida!



if u can’t handle me at my needy and over emotional and irrational u don’t deserve me at my pretending to hold it together

SAY THIS !!!!!

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That’s my favorite Cartola song


In 2013 I will only accept advices from Cartola.

for life tho

"Pain made her conservative.
Where the matches touched her flesh, she wears a scar."

- Adrienne Rich, from Ghazals: Homage to Ghalib  (via lazy-belle)

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